Qr to face queries over delayed safety report, with the Ministry of Mines denying any wrongdoing

Qr to face queries바카라사이트 over delayed safety report, with the Ministry of Mines denying any wrongdoing.

Namma has yet to announce whether it will use new Rs 5,000 crore plan to buy 12 new helicopters, 10 helicopters, a land version of the helicopter and 4 new helicopters.

On Tuesday, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said the military would only acquire new military helicopters if they have an operational capability to serve the country.

Last month, the Army ordered its biggest new helicopter – the Rafale fighter – to be produced at a cost of Rs 2,650 crore, far short of the original target of Rs 12,000 crore, given that production will begin from next month.

The Air Force wants to acquire another 10 helicopters, which could be made into modern fighters such as the Mirage 2000, F-16, F/A-18 or F-16CM, to match existing F-16 fleet.

Parrikar has said that if the Air Force finds no operational jet that meets its requirements, it will be prepared to take up such an aircraft purchase at its own cost.

The Army is now seeking a new Rs 500-crore contract for 18,000 new military aircraft, after procuring an old batch of aircraft during the NDA government. The Ministry of Defence has asked the army for an extra Rs 800 crore for 18,000 new aircraft to be procured from overseas sources. The ministry also wants a further 3,400 aircraft for upgrading existing production models.

The Army is expected to spend Rs 7,000 crore on the air force for the next five years. However, its biggest defence expenditure is the Rs 4,000-crore contract to procure 16 new helicopters for the Air Force and the Ministry of Defence, to 우리카지노equip its helicopters with the advanced radar-evading ele우리카지노ctronic warfare technology.

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