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Let’s talk about headphone jacks We caught wind of Samsung ditching the headphone jack in favor of a dongle, and now it’s confirmed: neither the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 nor the Galaxy Note 10 Plus include the headphone jack. To Samsung’s credit, a dongle is included coque sister iphone 7 with the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus smartphones. However, I and saiyan evolution goku l2978 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung1623 many browning logo z5058 iphone x xs coque goldufoa3985 others would rather see our dear 3.5mm port back rather than receive a floppy USB C audio adapter. Apple and Google). Regardless of who manufactures joker cartoon z4289 iphone 7 iphone 8 coque goldufoa9651 the dongle, the amount outatime e0300 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung8307 of joy it brings is the same: coque iphone xs max camo none. This coque samsung j7 2017 mandala may work to Samsung’s benefit as more people will hayate no gotoku katsura hinagiku x1608 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung6627 feel compelled to get the Samsung Galaxy Buds to couple with their Note 10 smartphones. While the headphone jack’s absence doesn’t degrade the Galaxy coque pogba iphone 7 Buds’ performance, it’s frustrating to see the last of the big three smartphone coque iphone 7 plus foot manufacturers submit to Apple’s trendsetting. It’s just a dongle. Stop getting worked up. You’re right. On the german wire haired pointer coque samsung s10 antens102028607 surface, it is just a dongle. Carrying around bts new logo wallpaper o5101 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung3285 another accessory isn’t the end of the world. Inconvenient, sure, but manageable. That said, think of when your partner randomly snaps at you about loading the dishwasher. Their aggravation likely focuses on a deep seated issue, rather than your forgetfulness. The problem isn’t the dongle, it’s how smartphone manufactures ignore what consumers want. That’s exactly what’s happened with smartphone audio. It’s not about browning logo z5058 coque samsung galaxy s8 1coques8samsung4947 the dongle. It’s about smartphone manufactures not listening to consumers. Taken a step further, it’s about their transgressions which are in clear opposition to what users want. It’s not just the headphone jack’s disappearance that’s upsetting Samsung fans, though. While the Note 10 Plus will offer expandable storage, the standard Galaxy Note 10 no like tears in rain coque samsung s10 antens102029288 longer coque iphone xs max silicone manga includes microSD expansion. The specs this year are perplexing. Last year’s Galaxy Note 9, while a little heavier and thicker, included both a headphone jack and expandable storage. It also had a larger battery than the Galaxy Note 10 (4,000mAh vs. 3,500mAh). Does this mean we’re experiencing a USB C audio revivalThe Google Pixel 3 was the first of Google’s flagships to ditch the headphone jack. Perhaps if we were seeing a horde of new USB C headphone and audio products that would be the case. Instead, companies are throwing us dongles the way I throw my dog a bone: to satiate and distract her, allowing me to do as I please. Samsung’s design choices do show how companies are making a concerted effort to drum star wars darth vader dark helmet z4540 iphone 11 coque goldufoa15317 up sales superheroes the incredible hulk z0047 iphone 6 plus 6s plus coque goldufoa15984 for their wireless audio products. While the Apple AirPods still reign as the most popular true wireless earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds may close supernatural coque iphone 6 join the hunt coque7iphone21346 the gap with the headphone jack’s omission. No matter who’s king of the winter fox coque samsung s10 antens102022930 mobile audio hill, consumer preference goes unheard. Companies need to make money, and I’m not faulting them for that. It’s the blatant lack of 9x coque iphone 7 plus attention to various fanbases coque quad lock iphone xr that’s irritating.

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