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Copper prices holding up

Copper prices holding up But he also noted that in October, U.S. copper prices were the highest in 16 years and they remained that way as long as the price for refined products was rising, such as crude oil and the steel products. To maintain demand in the coming months, a number of factors will have to be in place, he said. “The situation has worsened in recent weeks, which has triggered concern for prices. So, supply is still very constrained in a couple of months,” Smith said. There is also concern about the U.S. energy mix, he said, noting that the government said Tuesday its budget would continue to increase spending on energy projects, including on power projects, and there was no indication it would reverse course. “That is going to have to happ우리카지노en pretty quickly as oil prices are rising to as much as $120 a b더킹카지노arrel in less than two years,” Smith said. “So we will have to adjust to a more energy-consumption-바카라사이트heavy and consumption-reliant energy mix.