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Act swine flu tally hits 17-year high of 667,000 US cases

Act swine flu tally hits 17-year high of 667,000 US cases 안산출장샵 안산출장마사지CDC figures show the number of United States cases of H5N1 influenza surged to a record 16,631 in October and 14,974 in September, surpassing the previous high of 16,063 recorded last October. This compares to a 1.1 million increase for the entire country in May, the CDC report said. The United States is now at온카지노 the top of the list of developed countries with the highest number of cases of H5N1 influenza since the surveillance began in the mid-1960s, the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday. That is the third consecutive month with an increase, with November seeing the highest numbers of cases, after April in 2009. H5N1 has become the most recent virus to reach the US as the country has more than doubled its number of contacts with infected swine or birds since last March. Meanwhile the US Health Department report shows that the number of seasonal and subclinical patients infected with seasonal influenza declined for the fifth consecutive month, dropping 7,350 to 2,816 in October, compared with an increase of nearly 2,100 in October 2015. And while 574 cases (1.5%) were reported in October, 464 cases (1.2%) were reported in September. Experts say that while the current spike in cases is largely down to better surveillance by the CDC, there is hope they can be contained. “If we get a real understanding and a focus in areas of the world that are under the most threat with this, which is for example countries in Europe and the Middle East that are 제천출장샵 제천출장마사지most susceptible to the outbreak, in terms of surveillance and public health messaging, then we have a chance to see if and how this pandemic can be contained and contained properly,” said Dr. Ron Pollock, director of research at the CDC. “It is also one of the greatest risks to the US health care system and public health system.” At the peak of the influenza pandemic in 2009-2010, the US saw more than 13,000 H5N1 viruses that can affect humans each year. Since then, outbreaks of the H1N1 strain, which primarily affects Chinese and Vietnamese people, have seen fewer than a thousand cases.