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Tasmanian senator brian harradine dies

Tasmanian senator brian harradine dies Updated An independent Tasmanian senator is to die after suffering a stroke. Brett Harradine was critically ill for nearly three weeks but made a full recovery. He said his death would be “a real shock” to many friends and colleagues who knew him. Mr Harradine is known in Tasmanian politics as a strong and passionate supporter of the Greens. He was a well-known campaigneratm 카지노 for anti-slavery laws and had campaigned for a more transparent Parliament in Australia in his second term. “B인터넷 카지노rett’s life was an example of our democracy working and showing how far we could go in it,” Treasurer and former Greens leader Peter Collier said. “Brett showed how we should build our democracy and set standards of conduct.” Senator Harradine was the only Tasmanian senator to endorse Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s 2014 campaign, despite being forced to quit because he did not want to be associated with the campaign for electoral reform.