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Mayor happy for fresh council approach

Mayor happy for fresh council approach At a n포커ews conference late Friday, Mayor John Tory called on council to continue to be patient with the province, saying a “new approach is needed.” “For now it’s very important we try to get them to do the right thing for their people and for the economy and make it a real, permanent, real priority for city council to consider,” Tory said. Penny Fletcher, director of the Centre for Public Policy in the City of Toronto, said that’s one thing she’s been hearing from councillors about. “And I’m very, very hopeful. This is an amazing country. Canada is the largest country on Earth. We want to get out ahead of this development and make sure that Toronto doesn’t have to deal with this development,” said Fletcher. Permanent퍼스트카지노 homes will be considered While she thinks the city’s current plan is too aggressive and says she wis강릉출장안마hes the province had more of an input and input into making this permanent, Fletcher said she thinks the province has to consider something permanent and give the city some time to adapt. The councillor for Ward 2, David Shiner, says he wants to see more input and feedback from both the province and city. He wants to see the city get as much input and feedback as possible. “I think, as the mayor is saying, there needs to be some kind of plan to do this. The mayor’s right that it’s an exciting time to look at this project. I just think there needs to be some kind of timeline.” The city is in the process of preparing the request for information about a future site that will eventually house the permanent housing.