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Roozendaal calls for m5 malfunction probe to be re-read

Roozendaal calls for m5 malfunction probe to be re-read. Photo: AFP/Getty Images The Dutch manufacturer has introduced a new m5 probe designed to probe a malfunction in its electronic drive control system. The new m5 probe can check if a driver has lost control of his car with its proximity-detecting LEDs, which are part of its current system. A report by Daimler published on Wednesday on its website said the m5 probe’s function in future should help drivers detect road safet수원출장마사지y hazards, and that it should be a more useful option at the back of a driver’s seat in future. Daimler said it aimed to have new m5 probe installed in 2018. “It does강남출장안마 강남출장샵 the job and it’s a little cheaper and easier to change its function when it’s time,” the company said.