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Accused gippsland arsonist faces court

Accused gippsland arsonist faces court. Toburn man, 20, charged in Gippsland arson. A man has been charged with arson in connection to the fire at the Gippsland home of a homeowner accused of arson in September. The charge, with arson-causing intent, carries a mandatory minimum of four years in prison and a $12,000 fine, according to the Gippsland County Prosecutor’s Office. A 22-year-old man from the Gippsland area is accused of setting the fire at a home on Ullom Road Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, where his 26-year-old girlfriend and 11-year-old daughter were staying. The Gippsland Fire Chief said the fire started on the second floor of the house, near a sinkhole and a wooded area. The man’s girlfriend told police a man showed up at the home in front of her apartment building and took her to his apartment on a couch. She asked him to get her something to eat, but he refused, the victim told authorities. Later, the girlfriend was home from school when the man retu부천안마 부천출장안마rned. The boyfriend asked for help, and the girlfriend went to assist him in getting help to get the couch to a fire pit. She found the couch burned. The victim told police she got out of the house and noticed the couch had pieces of wood falling from it. He also reported being in the rear window of his apartment, near the sinkhole. She went outside to check to make sure it was okay, but she saw flames rising. She called 911. Deputies arrived at the home about 7:40 p.m. and arrested the man. Detectives are also looking for information about a second person from the Gippsland area connec카지노커뮤니티ted to the fire. The suspect told investigators the man was a person of interest in the investigation, said Sgt. Rich Dauch, spokesman for the Gippsland Fire Department. The man has been released to his parents’ custody, Dauch said. The man was not injured, and no o실시간카지노ne else was inside the house, Dauch said. The Gippsland Fire Department is continuing to investigate the fire, Dauch said.