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Milk company chief wants to pay dairy farmers more

Milk company chief wants to pay dairy farmers more But he also wants to put the price of milk on a national basis so it can be traded with other countries and for other purposes. “One of the things that we do is make the best milk we can to encourage consumption and keep people healthy,” he says. The dairy industry is already raising dairy prices. In the last week of January,우리카지노 the price of milk, including cream, for consumers in Victoria and South Australia jumped up by more than 35 per cent from the previous week. Farmers and others have blamed that on high costs and a “cheap lunch”. But industry groups have pointed to the lack of price information from the federal government and consumer groups such as the Australian Dairy Farmers Federation and Farm Dairy. Australian Dairy Farmers Federation director John Hodge says the “cheap lunch” myth is common among dairy farmers. “That is the perception out there that is there is no dairy farmer out there that’s out there raising good quality milk,” he says. “All I’d like 바카라to see is to have that same information put out to milk consumers in a way that it would be easy for them to access.” Senator Brandis said the Federal Government was trying to do everything it can. “It certainly wants to give consumers, particularly older consumers, better information about pricing,” he said.