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Japans space yacht starts sailing towards US space station

Japans space yacht starts sailing towards US space station By Tom Marton and Andrew Winning Posted on 19 December 2014 15:50 The unmanned US space station (ISS) is expected to set sail towards the southern hemisphere by Monday night after a rare calm that allowed Japanese engineers to build a series of mechanical systems necessary for the unmanned station’s first docking on the Pacific Ocean. Japanese President Naoto Kan said the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) had established the Japanspace-2 docking facility for the ISS on Japan’s south coast at the base of the country’s Miyako Bay on Saturday night. “This joint venture and our cooperation with the US is the best solution for the future of space exploration,” the president said in a televised statement. Japan and the US launched the ISS into low Earth orbit in 2004 on a Japanese spacecraft, and its two main systems are now built and operate normally. Japan and the US will set sail to the ISS on the next leg of its ISS Expedition 53 mission in January 2015. They are joined by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) and European Space Agency’s Solar Probe Plus (SPX). A team of Japanese engineers led by Atsu더킹 카지노o Miyake, head of the Japan Aerospace Exploration 우리 카지노Agency (JAXA), arrived at the station on Thursday and were making a series of structural modifications before the astronauts left for the final docking next Tuesday evening. On the Japanese side, the station was initially scheduled to open next week for astronauts to do the first docking. Since late May the Japanese space agency has been working to repair and replace the parts it lost when the Japanese space shuttle ended in 2011 and spent most of last decade on a collision course with its Russian companion. It has also begun refurbishing the station’s various elements제주출장마사지 and components with the goal of launching astronauts to the station in 2016 and using them in the next phase of human exploration. JAXA has been struggling to meet the deadlines laid out by the US in its agreement to carry out the ISS mission.