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Barclays freezes far right partys accounts

Barclays freezes far right partys accounts The BBC’s James Reynolds reports from Birmingham There was outrage on Saturday as a BBC producer was suspended without pay for writing a controversial memo that questioned the merits of a political campaign to block the removal of a statue of Winston Churchill. Cronwyn Evans, a BBC Newsnight producer for 20 years and now the head of public affairs, was put under investigation by the corporation’s commercial policy arm at the end of last month for her column which was written in response to plans by the City of London Corporation (CLC) to take down Sir Winston Churchill’s statue. The memo, titled “Churchill’s legacy has been shaped by London politics”, drew comparisons between the UK’s response to the Second World War and that of Hitler’s Germany. The row was sparked by the city’s decision on Thursday to put on hold plans to move the statue to a new place as it tries to keep the city’s standing in the EU. “Sir Winston Churchill will not have a home in St George’s Square, not at all,” the memo read. “His legacy has been shaped by London politics and, quite frankly, the British people have lost their fucking minds.” The memo’s author had previously previo바카라사이트usly referred to the historical figure as a “Nazi dogmatic Marxist”, after which the corporation said it accepted there was a “difference in our interpretation of Churchill’s legacy” between the political leader of a democracy in the former western empire. A copy of the memo was handed to The Guardian, but since that newspaper made a statement of denunciation the BBC has not spoken out against it or the memo before publication. Evans, however, remained on call with staff after the suspension, and it remains unclear 카지노 사이트if she received a formal notice of suspension. Citing senior managers, The Guardi더킹카지노an reported that the paper will not be “pushed further” on the controversy and that it will remain a “neutral party”. ‘Sensitive’ issue The memo prompted a barrage of vitriolic comments on Twitter and Facebook. David Sillito, the author of the memo, claimed that any attempt to prevent Churchill’s replacement is a “sabotage”. “It is one thing for an elected representative of a state to say that it won’t accept a replacement statue for such an important public figure as Mr Churchill. But when someone holds such views, they represent a threat to the very institutions of our democracy,” the memo said.