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Dees destroy saints and the Church

Dees destroy saints and the Church

On Sept. 18, 2016, the Vatican published a report in the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, “The Gospel of the Saints,” in which it declared “St. Paul’s doctrine about the doctrine of the Saints—they are the Church’s enemies and enemies’ enemies.”

The pope then cited the teaching of Saint Augustine, saying the Saints “are not our enemies, but are our allies who we must protect.” He added, “It is our task, not only to protect ourselves but also to defend the Church as she proclaims that a people is God’s gift to himself by his Spirit, who is the foundation of the whole of history, and that it has been made in his image.”

In the letter, Francis wrote:

They [the Saints] are not our enemies, but they are our allies who we must protect, who we believe JeXO 카지노sus to be. There is in them a force which cannot be defeated in war, they are the power to inspire hope. We see the same struggle now taking place in the world today. As the Church’s enemies, they are our allies to protect.광주출장샵 광주출장안마

St. Ignatius of Antioch and St. Paul of Crete both believed in the existence of the Saints. Both, however, never actually met them in person. Saint Ignatius said:

We were only witnesses to the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ, his Word and his apostles. But, as soon as we saw his power, we began to believe in his kingdom, or Christ in his Person, for we saw him as God-man. And, because we were witness to his reality, we believed 용인출장안마대구 출장 안마in his coming, and our minds have not been lost in the wonder of that revelation—what will become of us? But as soon as the Lord Jesus Christ appeared as God-man, the Holy Spirit became with him—the Spirit of prophecy, the Spirit of life. What has happened to us in our daily lives? We became separated from the Holy Spirit, we became separated from God-man, our God, the only Father, the only begotten Son. Now we are not sure whether God will forgive us or not. We may believe that our heart is right, but we are unable to trust the Gospel.

Saint Paul himself, when he was alive, was deeply concerned about the presence of the Saints.

He observed that in the Holy Spirit the Father sent his Son, who bore “the image of the So