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Authorities brace for strike action in zimbabwe

Authorities brace for strike action in zimbabwe

Sarandana is Zimbabwe’s main steel mill.

As part of the strike action, a factory worker was killed.

Workers at the plant said their employer had not responded to demands for pay increases and would continue to take actions to shut the plant down.

Some workers said they had been denied leave for more than a month due to a lack of funds.

Image caption There are fears of further strikes if the strike continues for another three weeks

But the Ministry of Information confirmed that they had been granted leave as a result of last week’s announcement.

It also said that it was looking to appoint a replacement at Sarandana to take charge of the strike.

Workers said they feared further strike action if the바카라 strike continues.

Mubae Tafu, a spokesperson for the group supporting the strike, told BBC News: “After more than 24 hours of negotiations, a deal has been reached with the government to shut down the factory for up to 14 days.”

She said Sarandana’s replacement would have to ensure that pay increases were met.

The latest round of strikes was in response to a 더킹카지노series of recent complaints from workers that their rights were being ignored.

More than 600,000 people are believed to have voted to strike or suspended work during the strike period.

Unemployment at the plant is reported to be above 30%, but more than 40% of those employed are seasonal workers and many of them are in poor physical and mental health.

The government is refusing to allow a third member to joi바카라사이트n the strike.