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Wangaratta council assessing storm damage with rain gauge

Wangaratta council assessing storm damage with rain gauge. Photo: Daniel Munoz

Despite his concerns about how often the storm will be back for the area this year, Mr Cook said he was satisfied there would still be rain for a number of weeks between now and September.

It was likely that during the first few days of November, high temperature on the Goulburn coast would be warm, with low temperatures around mid-30s.

“At least the Goulburn has the wind. I think we’ll see a bit less in the late-winter than we would have in the summer of last year.”

A strong gust in the Goulburn on Tuesday morning was re로투스 바카라 패턴ported at 13.30am, l바카라 필승법eaving dozens of cars and vehicles in the wind while others suffered from wind gusts over 100km/h.

Wind gusts in Goulburn. Photo: Daniel Munoz

In a forecast로투스 바카라 대여 forecast from the National Weather Service, the wind gusts in the Goulburn were expected to increase, then decrease over the next five days, with a peak for gusts of up to 90km/h at the end of the week.

The forecast showed the worst-case conditions over the Goulburn region, with rainfall of up to 1.4m and the risk of tornadic winds and wind gusts between 80km/h and 140km/h with the average gust reaching 160km/h.

Mr Cook said the risk for the Goulburn was high enough that he had decided to stay home this year.

“I’ve been out there since July — I’ve been out at the Goulburn beachfront every weekend — so I don’t want to do it again any more.”