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Miner develops training for indigenous workers

Miner develops training for indigenous workers By John R. Campbell The Department of Labor said the work permit program is designed to create more U.S. jobs, but some indigenous workers have questioned the rationale. A woman who uses a makeshift hammer to break open an 8-inch-thick steel block is seen here at San Juan Capistrano Mine in Nevada. The program is designed to make it easier for native Minnesotans to find work, while also making sure they have the skills and knowledge to maintain a clean environment, experts say. Mining companies looking for a new U.S. labor force also want employees with the knowledge, patience and hard work needed to mine hard seams, said William Tumlin, a professor at Cornell University who’s working on a graduate studies project about indigenous miners. That’s why mining companies have so much interest in indigenous workers, he said. “If someone had to pick just one job in this country that wou더킹카지노ld give them an advantage, I would choose that one,” Tumlin said. The Departme바카라사이트nt of Labor said it is continuing its studies to determine the benefits and drawbacks of the workforce program, which was designed in the 1970s but has not been used since, and have not made a decision on whether to continue it. “With the information we have, the department has a responsibility to find a good job, to do research about it, and to make that decision as expeditiously as possible,” a DOL spokesman said. In Nevada, there are nearly 200,000 people employed by the mini바카라사이트ng industry, and another 11 million people in the mining industries nationwide, a U.S. Labor Department study released in October showed. The study found that miners from rural areas made up about half of that group, compared to about 40 percent of coal mining workers and 20 percent of petroleum workers. Most Minnesotans who work in the mining sector pay union dues, although that doesn’t apply in this case. A majority of Minnesotans who work in the industry are white, according to an analysis of Census data by the United Mine Workers. But according to a federal mining worker union survey, a majority of miners were members of the National Organization for Mining and Petroleum Exporting Countries, or NTPCE.