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Ambulance stations take heart in new equipment

Ambulance stations take heart in new equipment For its part, the ministry, which is also taking steps to protect people’s right to access medical care, has implemented the new policy to the “extreme caution and professionalism” of ambulances to ensure that they don’t interfere in health-care workers’ efforts and get involved in unruly crowding. Hospital director of medical services in eastern Aleppo, Anas Shami, said his team had witnessed three different incidents where medical staff had sought to save a dying child by using the e온라인 카지노mergency강원출장안마 medical equipment. “But as I say to doctors today, if it was a doctor, he would know better,” Shami told Syria Direct. “I didn’t see anything like this last week,” he added, referring to a new order to allow ambulances to stop to help. Despite the change in policy, medical personnel must still comply부산 마사지 with conditions of operating within the law, however. “In the future, medical personnel must observe the new regulations and follow them to their end, the health of their patients,” the medical board’s document reads.